Spoken interpretation services available to community specialists

  1. Call 1.833.718.2154 (toll free).

  2. Select a language. 

  3. Enter your speciality access code.

  4. Indicate you are a member Doctors of BC.

  5. Wait 30-60 seconds to connect with an interpreter.

Read more about spoken interpretation services.

Learn more about the Specialist Services Committee.

The Exchange - QI projects

The Exchange is an online searchable database of quality improvement (QI) projects across British Columbia supported by the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) and the Shared Care Committee (SCC). This tool was developed to facilitate sharing of QI ideas and project information in order to avoid duplication of services/activities, align efforts and resources, and find ways to effectively work together.

Let's Talk

SSC exists to support specialists and your work. Your thoughts, opinions or feedback are always appreciated. Keep us informed by sending us an email: sscbc@doctorsofbc.ca.