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About 400,000 people in BC suffer from diabetes. While the disease sounds simple – high blood sugar – the long-term complications are not. Those complications include heart disease, chronic kidney failure, eye damage and circulation issues, and have a major impact on BC’s health care system.

The SSC’s mandate is to facilitate collaboration with Doctors of BC, the BC government and BC’s Health Authorities on the delivery of specialist-physician services to British Columbians and supports the improvement of the specialist care system. But the big question is “how”?

In the words of Sophocles, “no one longs to live more than someone growing old.” Thanks to medical advances over the last decade, nowadays it seems living longer is inevitable. But with longevity comes an aging population – one that encounters health problems typically specific to older adults. That’s where Geriatricians come in.

Did you know that a health crisis requiring a trip to Emergency (ER) may include being shackled and escorted by police?  That’s what can happen when it is a mental health crisis that occurs in public, usually with vulnerable populations, such as the homeless.  Recognizing this issue, Dr. Matthew Chow, a psychiatrist with Providence Health teamed with Inspector Howard Tran of the Vancouver Police Department to determine a better response and treatment approach.

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